Ahmad Thaqif Hanzalah ~ My Hero

Ahmad Thaqif Hanzalah ~ My Hero

Khamis, 4 Oktober 2012

Hospital bag check list

For labour

• Your birth plan 

• Hospital notes (if you have them) 

• Change for the car park and money for snacks 

• Nightie, dressing gown, cosy socks and slippers. 

• Contact lenses and spare glasses (if you have them) 

• Magazines or ipod 

• A watch with a second hand to time your contractions. 

• Hair tie/band (if you’ve got long hair) 

• Water spray (for cooling yourself down during labour) 

• Lip balm 

• Cereal bars or dried fruit for an energy boost 

• Frozen drinks - They'll defrost during a long labour 

• TENS Machine (if you’re using one)

After labour

• Hot water bottle (for pain relief) 

• Massage oil (for pain relief) 

• Eye mask, If you have trouble sleeping with the lights on 

• Toothbrush, toothpaste and unscented toiletries 

• Maxi sanitary pads 

• Nursing bras and breast pads 

• A v-shaped pillow (can help make breast-feeding more comfy)

• Essentials for your baby, including nappies, blanket, socks, vest, and something that goes on easily and doesn’t really need to be tugged over their head

• Phone numbers of friends and family 

• Camera 

• Lots of change or phone cards to make calls if they don’t let you use mobiles in the hospital 

• Comfy clothes and flat shoes to go home in